How To Get Hathway Fiber in 2023: A Complete Guide

Hathway Fiber

Hathway Broadband is one of India’s leading internet service providers. With a variety of internet options, ranging from 25 mbps to 500 mbps speed, you can pick the plan that fits your internet needs. Available across 16 cities, Hathway has become a household favourite. With its cheap rates, super-fast, and  reliable internet connection you get broadband service with assured quality. Avail 1m/3m/6m/12m plans with 500Gb to unlimited data limit. 

How to get a Hathway Broadband connection? Here is a guide to getting best quality internet service

Step 1: Go to Hathway.Com

Go to Hathway.Com and select Home Broadband/Business Broadband depending on your internet needs. After selecting Home Broadband, pick your city from the dropdown list provided on the website. Go through the plans available in your city and select a plan that best fits your needs. For business broadband, choose between Dedicated Fiber Internet Connection and Gold (SME PLANS) Connection.

Step 1: Broadband.Asia (Better Way)

To simplify this process, we recommend you to go to Broadband.Asia.  Get precise details about each plan, their features and compare them through the website. After selecting the plan, press on the View Deal button to be redirected to Hathway.Com.  Then follow the same process mentioned before.  With, you’ll be able to compare hundreds of different plans available in your area which will help you choose the perfect fiber broadband plan for you!

Step 2: Choosing the Best Plan

Hathway offers  you GPON, DOCSIS and Fiber to Home technology. To know more about these, check out our blog! Choose from the range of fiber technology, mbps speed, data limit to select the plan best for you. 

Analyse the amount of data you consume as well as the way you consume it. Do your internet needs go beyond the world of social media and safari? Do you demand high-speed internet services? Do you download or upload large files almost every day? If yes then pick a plan that provides you more than 40 mbps and a download limit of over 1000GB data. 

To compare and pick the best option, you can visit Broadband.Asia to browse through plans filtered and sorted according to your needs. Through Broadband.Asia you can find plans best for Gamers, Streamers, Office and Individual users. 

Step 3: Fill the form

After choosing the best plan, fill up the registration form via the link New Connection Hathway. You will be required to fill your personal details such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Email as well as the plan you seek to inquire about. 

After submitting the form, you will be contacted by a Hathway professional who will guide you through the installation process. They will confirm whether the plan is available in your district and when you can get it set up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay?

To set up a Hathway Broadband service, you are required to pay in advance. After registering for a broadband connection, you will receive your log in details. Then simply log into your account via the link Hathway My Account using either your registered mobile number/ account number/ Mac ID/ VSC/ VC Number. Select the “Payments” tab from the dashboard and clear your dues.

How long does it take to activate the account?

After logging into your account and making the payment, it will take 30 minutes to 24 hrs for the account to get activated based on the mode of payment. While online payments usually take 30-60 minutes to reflect in your account, cheque/cash payments may take 12hrs-24hrs to reflect. 

What documents do I need?

To get started with Hathway broadband service, you will need to submit some documents along with the Customer Request Form (CRF). These include a photo ID proof, an address proof, and a passport-size photo. Additionally, select plans may require charges for CPE (Modem Rental).

What are the benefits of Hathway FiberMax?

Customers enjoy a complimentary dual-band WiFi router when they sign up for a new broadband connection. Along with this offer, they  also receive unlimited internet data and high-speed connectivity. Hathway  utilizes zero lag fiber technology, ensuring a seamless online experience. Additionally, customers do not incur any installation charges or security deposits unless mentioned otherwise.

Does Hathway have customer care service?

 Hathway provides  round-the-clock chat support with Diva, a dedicated customer service representative. Furthermore, instant support is also  available through WhatsApp for quick assistance. Check out Customer Care to get assisted asap!

Is Hathway Available in my city?

Hathway Broadband offers its services in several cities across India. Cities where Hathway Broadband is available include Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Aurangabad, Bhilai, Baroda, Chennai, Chandigarh, Chiplan, Gangtok, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Khed and Dapoli, Pimpri Chinwad, Navi Mumbai, Ratnagiri, Surat, Thane, Vishakhapatnam, Vadodara, and Vellore.

More Information:

 It’s important to note that the download speed mentioned is up to Hathway’s ISP node, and the actual speed and data usage limit are subject to their Fair Usage Policy. For area-specific plans, SME/Corporate services, and further details, please reach out to your nearest Hathway branch office. 

Please note that installation charges and applicable taxes are extra. Keep in mind that certain plans and schemes are available in specific areas only. 


Choose Hathway’s broadband plans to enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds for all your online activities, whether it’s streaming, gaming, or working from home. Experience the difference with Hathway.


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