How To Get Spectra Fiber in 2023: A Complete Guide

How to get Spectra Broadband in 2023

Experience hassle-free robust connectivity with Spectra Broadband. Committed to providing excellent fiber-internet services, Spectra looks after your home and business needs. One of the fastest growing ISP, Spectra currently is only available in top urban centres like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi NCR. Discover latest fiber-optic mesh technology, seamless browsing and speeds upto 1Gbps with Spectra! Want to join the community of satisfied users? Here is a guide to achieve just that

Step 1: Check Service Availability through Spectra.Co

Go to Spectra.Co and press the four white bar icon on the right side of your screen.

To check if Spectra is serviceable in your area or not, select “For Home” or “For Businesses” according to your service preference. On click, you will be asked to enter your location of installation. The website will check the availability of a Spectra Connection in your locality. 

If your locality in unserviceable by Spectra, no need to worry! You can check out Broadband.Asia and browse through broadband plans available in your select region! 

Step 1: Go To Broadband.Asia (Better Way)

To upgrade to Spectra Fiber Plan, go to Broadband.Asia to find all Spectra Plans. Get precise details about each plan, their features and compare them through the website. After selecting the plan, press on the View Deal button to be redirected to Spectra.Co 

Then follow the same process mentioned before.  With, you’ll be able to compare hundreds of different plans available in your area which will help you choose the perfect fiber broadband plan for you!

Step 2: Selecting Plans

Press the bar icon again. On click a list of page options will reveal. Select “For Home” “For Businesses” according to your service preference.  Then press “View All Plans” to go through the services provided by Spectra.

For a better browsing experience we recommend you to go to Broadband.Asia. View and compare Spectra Plans with other top performers to make sure you purchase the right broadband service. Filter and sort out all Spectra Plans based on your needs, speed and availability. 

Step 3: Booking a New Connection

To book a new connection, all you need to do is check availability of Spectra Service in your locality in Step 1. If your locality is serviceable then you will get an option “Get Connected” on the website. 

Simply click on it, enter your mobile number and email-address to generate an OTP.  Get connected with the Spectra Customer Care to set up your installation date! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

 How do I Pay?

To pay your Spectra Bill simply login to their Self Care Portal through the website. After logging in, pay your bills through a wide range of online payment options. Log in using your username and password, and click on “my bills” option to authorise payment.

 Does Spectra provide Unlimited Data?

All broadband plans provided by Spectra do not have a data cap except the 6 month 799 offer package that has a data cap of 150GB usage per month. 

Where is Spectra Available?

Spectra Broadband is currently available in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Ghaziabad


Ranked as India’s top internet service provider to stream Netflix seamlessly, Spectra Broadband offers one of it’s kind services. Join the community of this fast growing Broadband Service, Spectra now!


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